Car Restoration: Rust Treatment Products for your Restoration project

Classic and vintage cars have always had problems with corrosion. What was once a thing of beauty easily changes into an old heap of rust – turning heads but for the wrong reasons. Maintenance and restoration of these once-beloved motors don’t have to be overly complicated, however. Whether you have just bought a rusty car to restore as a hobby project or you have an old runner in your garage that has seen better days, here is the best car restoration rust treatment to bring your vehicle to life.

Why are cars rusty?

Cars are often made of steel, which is susceptible to rusting. Rust is caused by exposure to oxygen and moisture, so it’s common for cars to develop rust spots after being driven in wet or salty conditions. If a car isn’t properly maintained, the paint may begin to chip and allow oxygen and moisture to reach the steel beneath, which can speed up the rusting process.

Surface Rust

Surface rust is often the first type of rust that forms on a car, usually occurring in bumps and nicks on body panels. It is usually not that serious and can easily be removed by using sandpaper or a wire brush; however, if left untreated, surface rust can eventually lead to more serious problems. Treating the damage at this stage will give you the best chance of successfully dealing with the corrosion.

Scale Rust

Failing to treat surface rust early will eventually lead to scale rust. This is when the rust spreads to the metal on body panels and starts corroding it. Salt found in road salt is a common culprit for speeding up this process, which could damage the structure of the metal itself.

Penetrating Rust

Leaving surface and scale rust untreated long enough will cause penetrating rust, which is the most damaging type of rust for your car. This type of rust can result in you needing to replace entire car parts and panels.

Neutrarust Car Rust Treatment Products

Looking for the best rust treatment for cars? Here are a couple of products that can keep your favourite motors in pristine condition.

If you have noticed surface or scale rust on your car, you can get it removed with our Neutrarust® Rust Remover Gel. The gel can easily be applied to the corroded area by using a brush or swab, and then left alone for around 20 minutes for the chemical process to neutralise the rust. Then simply rinse off and the surface is ready for painting.

For excellent long-term rust protection for your car, the Neutrarust® Wax Rust Preventative can be applied to any ferrous and aluminium alloy components. The wax acts as a cost-effective replacement for conventional automotive underseals, protecting your car against harsh weather and aggressive environments.

Order online today and restore your old car with the best rust treatment!