Cast iron guttering rust treatment. What to do? You can follow these steps:

Safety precautions: Ensure you take necessary safety precautions such as wearing gloves, safety goggles, and a mask to protect yourself from any potential hazards.

Clean the guttering: Begin by cleaning the guttering using a stiff brush or wire brush to remove any loose debris, dirt, flaking paint and flaking rust. You can also use a hose to rinse off any loose particles.

Remove stubborn rust: For more stubborn rust spots, you can use sandpaper or steel wool to gently scrub the affected areas back to smooth HARD RUST. This will help the rust converter adhere better to the rust. Avoid applying excessive pressure that may damage the guttering.

Remove Acid, Alkali, grease oil and chemicals with detergent water wash then rinse with clean water. Do not remove all traces of rust. All areas must be adequately covered with Neutrarust 661®. 

Pour Neutrarust 661® into non-metallic container. To avoid the transfer of rust particles into original container do not pour the unused portion back into the original container.

Apply 2 or 3 thin coats directly onto the rust by brush.

During application of Neutrarust 661® it starts off white. At the blue stage continue gently cross-brushing for a further 2 minutes and allow it to dry for the chemical reaction and conversion of the rust surface to take place. Leave approx. 2 hours between coats.

Neutrarust 661® is self-priming and will accept most paints. Leave 24-48 hours or longer to dry hard before applying a suitable protective coating: Once the rust converter has dried, apply a suitable protective coating to the guttering. You can use a metal primer and paint specifically formulated for outdoor use and suitable for cast iron. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper application and drying times.

Regular maintenance: To prevent future rusting, it’s important to perform regular maintenance on your cast iron guttering. Clean the gutters regularly to remove debris and ensure proper water flow. Additionally, consider applying a protective coating or paint every few years to maintain the integrity of the guttering.