Rust Inhibitor for Cars: How to Protect Your Car from Rust Corrosion

If you’ve ever come across a rusted car, you will know that it isn’t the most attractive of sights. It could be 15 years old or fresh out of the showroom, but rust will still remain a threat either way. So, how can you protect yourself from this risk?

The answer: a rust corrosion inhibitor for cars.

How to Protect Your Car from Rust

Rust inhibitors can be used on metal car parts to protect the surface from potential corrosion damage. It works as a preventative measure by forming a protective barrier over the metal surfaces without obstructing the flow of electricity in metallic circuits and also preventing electrolysis from occurring. You can leave your car parked without any worry of rust forming.

Our own rust corrosion inhibitor solution comes in the form of an effective preventative wax that can simply be brushed on.

Neutrarust Preventative Wax

Neutrarust Rust Preventive Wax provides long-term rust protection from moisture, salt spray, acid, and industrial chemicals. You can apply this to any metal surface on your car including – but not limited to – iron engine parts, chassis, steel wheels, and aluminium frames. Preventive wax products can also protect surfaces that are exposed to air, such as paintwork and engine parts – common targets for rust.

Our preventative wax is an industrial quality wax used on ferrous and aluminium alloy components, giving them great long-term protection. A multi-purpose solution, you can also use it as an alternative for traditional automotive underseals, providing a resilient, self-healing coating with excellent protection against harsh weather and environments.

The benefits of the Neutrarust Rust Preventive Wax include its:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Strong resistance to water
  • Great coverage
  • Multiple uses
  • Chemical and physical protection from its heavy flexible film
  • Duration of protection up to five times longer than many other waxes

How to use preventative wax

Before its application, it is recommended to clean the metal surfaces being treated and let it dry. If any of your car parts have rust already forming on them, you can use our rust remover solution to clear away stains and spots. You can then apply the Neutrarust Preventative Wax generously to the components using a brush, ensuring the surface temperature is above 10°C and below 35 °C at the time of application. Allow up to 6 hours for the solution to dry before handling.

The rust protection you can expect from the preventative wax will vary depending on where you keep your car. For cars kept indoors, you can expect this solution to provide up to 5 years of rust protection. The same holds true for cars that are outdoors but kept under a cover and protected from harsh weather. Cars left uncovered outdoors can expect protection of up to 2-3 years.

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