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Neutrarust Rust Treatment Kit – Neutrarust 661®Rust Converter 1 Litre and Neutrarust Wax® Rust Preventative 1 Litre


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The Ultimate Rust Treatment Kit

Don’t hide rust! ……… Sort it!


Everything you need to easily protect your vehicle underbody, chassis and accessories from rust corrosion. Long lasting rust conversion and rust prevention.

To avoid continuous rust corrosion from exposure to the elements. The rust needs to be treated before applying any preventative wax or grease. Why? Over time, any wax or grease will start to wear thinner, the surface then again becomes exposed to water, salt, acid alkaline and the rust corrosion process immediately starts again.

Minimum preparation and easy to apply

Neutrarust 661® – The Original Rust Converter 1 Litre and Neutrarust Rust Prevention Wax 1 Litre Treatment  

The Original Rust Converter was developed over 40 years ago and is still recognised around the world as the best rust treatment for almost any rusted metal project.

Neutrarust 661® – This incredible British product is hailed by many as the Original and Best Rust Converter. This is the Fast Working rust treatment for professional & domestic uses.

Superior coating consistency providing high-quality surface ready for painting. Easy to apply and perfect for automotive applications, ships, ballast tanks, oil rigs, refineries, power stations, boat yards, bridges, pipework, railways, subframes, chassis protection, engine mountings. In fact, anywhere that corroded ferrous materials can be found. Can be used above and below the water line. A mineral acid-free rust treatment, formulated to neutralise corrosion on ferrous materials and components also acts as a primer. It has been designed to react rapidly on ferrous corrosion, leaving a tough insoluble ready-to-paint acrylic coating, without the use of hazardous mineral acids. Once dry, the coating can be overpainted with a paint suitable for your individual application.

   Simple to use & converts rust to READY-TO-PAINT surface
   Neutralises the corrosion process
   Water based – Classified as non-hazardous
   Minimum surface preparation required
   Produces a hard, water-insoluble hydrophobic film
   Superior smooth “wetting out” surface application
   Mineral acid free
   Compatible with most paint products
   COVERAGE: 10 to 12 square metres per litre
   Specially tested against salt spray for sea-going vessels and offshore applications


Clean off any oil, grease, loose flakes of rust etc. Rinse with clean water.
Brush, roll or spray on to surface (COVERAGE: 10-12 square metres)
Store in temperatures between 5 °C and 35 °C and use within 12 months of opening

Neutrarust® Wax

Corrosion Preventative Wax – 1 Litre

A solvent deposited water displacing, firm wax film, multi-purpose corrosion preventive solution. Works on ferrous and aluminium alloy components and gives excellent long-term protection against rust for a wide variety of applications in marine, automotive, machinery and industrial for indoor storage or for outdoor international transportation. Ideal for internal cavities.

A replacement for conventional automotive underseals, providing a resilient, self-healing coating with exceptional protection against weather and aggressive environments.

· Excellent resistance to water

· Heavy flexible film giving chemical & physical protection

· Long term protection

· Good coverage

· Universal application

· Cost Effective


Surface preparation: The maximum performance of Neutrarust® Wax can be achieved when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and mill scale and a temperature of between 10°C and 35 °C at the time of product application.

Brush liberally apply to components and allow to dry for up to 6 hours before handling. Avoid the inclusion of bristles into coating

Spray: Can be sprayed using most types of conventional application methods to achieve the recommended coating thickness. May be injected into cavities and box sections via flexible or rigid lances either at room temperature or at 40 ? 50°C using re-circulating pumping equipment.

Dip Tank: Ensure ambient temperature is above 10°C or product will be too viscous for this type of application. Submerge components in fluid for 20 seconds and then raise and allow the excess to drain. Place in a drying area for up to 1 hour depending upon surrounding temperature and airflow.

Coverage approx. 14 square metre per litre. Depending on application temperature.

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