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Neutrarust® Highly Effective Rust Remover Liquid 5 Litres

Ideal for removing rust and other forms of corrosion from almost any metal object, whatever the size, by immersing or painting.  Easy to use and providing immediate visible results within 30 minutes. Leaving a dependable surface for priming and painting.

Coverage is approx. 8 square metres per litre, offering great value

5 Litres


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Very easy to use and quickly helping to remove rust back to bare metal

Easy to use, multi-application, highly effective, fast chemically acting for the removal of oxidation and tarnishing on aluminium and steel surfaces prior to painting. Neutralises rust and leaves a phosphate coating. The liquid rust remover works well for tight recessed areas, box sections and tubular components.

Will also act as a mild descaler for lime scale in boilers and water heaters. Removes efflorescence from brickwork, rust stains from painted surfaces and storage tanks. Biodegradable at low dilutions. Pleasantly perfumed and non toxic.

Safe on most paints, metals, rubber & lacquered alloy wheels


Test: Firstly, it is recommended to test a small area in the working conditions.

Preparation: Remove all traces of oil and grease with suitable degreaser. Remove old paint and loose rust with wire brush or steel wool.

Apply: Pour the required amount into a plastic container. Use neat or at up to 1:2 parts water depending upon surface to be treated. Immersion contact time should be 1-3 hours depending on severity of corrosion.  May also be applied directly onto rust with brush or swab. Contact time approx. 20 minutes then rinse with clean water and dry.

Priming: Paint within 48 hours of rust removing treatment.

Coverage: Approx. 8 square metres per litre.

Alloy wheel stain cleaning: Pre-dilute up to 1:5 in water and brush or trigger spray liberally all over wheels. Allow a few minutes contact time, then rinse well.

Descaling: Pre-Dilute 1:10 in water and soak part to be descaled, (warm water will be beneficial). Allow up to 1 hour contact time. Repeat if necessary. May also be recirculated.

Available in 500ml, 1 Litre and 5 Litres


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