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Neutrarust Wax Rust Preventative 1 Litre

Premium Corrosion Preventative Wax
A multi-purpose corrosion preventive firm wax film solution with good solvent deposited water displacing properties and penetration.  Works on ferrous and aluminium alloy components and gives excellent long-term protection indoor and outdoor, against rust for a wide variety of applications in marine, automotive, machinery and industrial, for storage or for national or international transportation. Ideal for internal cavities.

In salt spray corrosion tests alongside popular competitor products, Neutrarust Wax outlasted them by up to six times longer

Cures to an amber-coloured, waxy, translucent firm film

Protection: Indoors:        minimum of 5 years

Covered Outdoors:          minimum of 5 years

Outdoors:                          minimum 2 – 3 years


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A replacement for conventional automotive underseals, providing a resilient, self-healing coating with exceptional protection against weather and aggressive environments.
Excellent resistance to water
Heavy flexible film giving chemical & physical protection
Long term protection
Good coverage
Universal application
Cost Effective
Coverage approx. 14 square metres per litre.

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