Why Should You Use a Rust Converter?

Ultimately, rusted corroded objects can become unsafe and unusable. Some rust control processes are only partially successful because they do not cope adequately with three basic causes of corrosion: surface contaminants, moisture and oxygen from the metal surface. Protection against corrosion is achieved by creating an impenetrable membrane on the surface.

Using a good quality rust converter on your rust is the ideal way for you to treat it effectively and inexpensively. Plus, you can do it yourself! A good rust converter produces a chemical reaction that reacts with rust to produce a ready to paint corrosion-resistant layer. A rust converter eliminates the need to sandblast rust, therefore less time and energy is involved in the process. Rust converter can be used for a wide range of applications: vehicles, trailers, oil rigs, ships, industrial equipment and machinery, farming equipment and domestic fittings and fixtures.

Whether your rust project is to bring it back to full functionality, extend its life or just improve its appearance. Below are some reasons why a rust converter will be the most ideal solution when dealing with rust and protection against rust corrosion.

What is a Rust Converter?

As the name suggests, a rust converter is a product that is specifically designed to convert rust. The rust converter chemically reacts to rust and transforms it into an impenetrable membrane primer finish that can be painted over. This then prevents further corrosion by creating a protective barrier over the metal.

Rust converters differ from another method of dealing with rust, which is to remove it completely. Removing the rust completely is effective in stripping rusted objects back to bare metal that can be resurfaced. But, because the corrosion process had already started on the metal, you can be left with areas of penetrated rust corrosion that is difficult to eliminate.

Neutrarust 661® Rust Converter

The Neutrarust 661® Rust Converter is the original rust converter that was developed over 40 years ago. It is still recognised around the world by many as the best rust converter for all rusted metals and has been approved for use by the Ministry of Defence and NATO.

Neutrarust 661® comes is a rust converter and primer, making it extremely easy to use, with minimum surface preparation. Its non-hazardous contents can be safely applied and painted over by most paint products.

How to Use a Rust Converter

Rust converters are very easy to use and only require a few simple steps. The following will give you the process to receive the best results when using a rust converter to treat rusted metals.

Before applying rust converters to the whole object, however, it is always recommended to test a small area of the metal to ensure the compatibility of all materials used, including the top paint.


Remove loose scale, flaky rust, all paint and dirt with thorough wire brushing etc. Reduce any high peaks of rust. Remove Acid, Alkali, grease oil and chemicals with detergent water wash then rinse with clean water. Paintwork blistered by rust should be scraped down to a hard surface. Do not remove all traces of rust.


The rust converter should be stirred, and the required amount poured into a non-metallic container for application. This can then be applied to the metal by using a brush, roller or airless spray. It is important for the surface temperature to be between 5°c and 40°c at application.


It will take between 15 and 45 minutes for the rust converter to be touch-dry, depending on the air temperature and humidity. During the drying period protect from rain or heavy air moisture. Depending on the condition of the surface we recommend 2 or 3 coats for complete coverage and sealing. Make sure the previous coat is dry. . Neutrarust 661® is self-priming and will accept most paints. Leave 24 hours or longer to dry hard before applying paint.

Best Rust Converter UK

Neutrarust 661® has been reliably treating rusted metals for over 40 years, under the most testing marine and industrial conditions. Its undeniably successful track record has increased the lifespan and appearance of all types of corroded metals, from bridges to classic cars to oil rigs.

An easy-to-use process makes the Neutrarust 661® Rust Converter & Primer an ideal solution for all rusted metals, especially if they are going to be painted over. The long-lasting rust protection creates a solid barrier between the metal and the elements that promote corrosion, giving your metal products long-term durability.