Tackling Rust In Diverse Industrial Machinery

Shafts of old industrial machinery with rusting

Rust is more than just a surface problem for industrial machinery; it’s a threat to efficiency, safety, and the longevity of your equipment. It occurs when metal meets moisture and oxygen, leading to corrosion that can weaken machinery and lead to costly breakdowns.  At Neutrarust, we specialise in combating this pervasive issue. Our experience in […]

Safety Measures and Precautions When Treating or Removing Rust

In a previous article, we explained the various methods of rust removal treatment, especially for large-scale commercial and industrial projects. In this blog, the Neutrarust team covers the safety aspects involved with these types of projects. When treating rust, whether using mechanical methods, chemical solutions, or electrolysis, it’s crucial to prioritise safety to protect yourself […]

Calculating how much rust converter is required

Calculating how much rust converter is required

You might have a small project at hand like upcycling a bicycle by treating rust, or maybe you’ve set your sights on something bigger, like the cast iron gutters on your house. Or, maybe you’re in the shipping or petrochemical  industry and the scales there are much greater. If that sounds like you, you’ve come […]

Rust and Corrosion: What’s the difference?

Rust and Corrosion

Understanding the nuances between rust and corrosion is not just an academic exercise; it’s essential for preserving our belongings, ensuring the durability of infrastructure, and prolonging the life of materials in our ever-changing world. The team at Neutrarust have compiled a handy guide on the differences between rust and corrosion, read on to learn more.  […]

Cast iron guttering rust treatment. What to do? You can follow these steps:

Safety precautions: Ensure you take necessary safety precautions such as wearing gloves, safety goggles, and a mask to protect yourself from any potential hazards. Clean the guttering: Begin by cleaning the guttering using a stiff brush or wire brush to remove any loose debris, dirt, flaking paint and flaking rust. You can also use a […]

Is it important to treat rust before applying wax?

Yes, it is important to treat rust before applying wax to a surface. Rust is a form of corrosion that can weaken and damage metal, and if left untreated, it can spread and compromise the integrity of the material. Waxing over rust without proper treatment will not effectively stop the rusting process or prevent further […]

Why you should remove and stop rust before painting metal

close up image of rusted metal

Introduction Rust occurs when metals are exposed to oxygen and moisture. Characterised by a distinctive red-orange colour, rust can often be spotted on metal surfaces. There are several reasons why it’s beneficial to remove and stop rusting before painting metal. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of eliminating rust and offer advice to help […]

Can You Paint Over Rust Inhibitor?

closeup of a rusty wall

Using a rust inhibitor is a great way to protect metal objects from corrosion. But can you paint over a rust inhibitor? The answer is yes – with some considerations. It is important to note that not all rust inhibitors convert rust into a primer finish. Rather, it is a product that helps to prevent […]

Anti Rust Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

closeup of rust and metal corrosion

Corrosion affects everyone, from youngsters who ride their bikes down the street to big businesses that use heavy machinery when manufacturing. Not only is rust unsightly to the eyes, but it also deteriorates the surface it has settled on, causing the metal to become more brittle as a result. So how does rust form? What […]

How to Remove Rust from Chrome

closeup rust and corrosion

A chrome finish on your appliances adds a shiny, protective coating to the metal. While these look stunning when brand new, the aesthetics quickly diminish once rust takes over. In this article, we will look at how to remove rust from chrome surfaces, whether they are used for your kitchen taps, bike, or anything else. […]