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Not sure if you need a rust remover? Here’s the difference in our products.

Rust converters and rust removers serve different functions in the maintenance of metal surfaces. A rust converter chemically transforms rust into a stable, paintable surface, effectively stopping further corrosion without removing the rust itself. 

On the other hand, rust removers are designed to chemically dissolve rust, leaving the metal surface clean and ready for further treatment and painting. 

While rust converters offer a more popular conservative approach by sealing and converting rust, rust removers provide a thorough cleaning by eliminating rust.

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Neutrarust: One of the Best Rust Removers in UK

Convert your old vehicles, trailers, fences, iron railings, or even storage tanks into its former glory with Neutrarust Rust Remover Gel or Rust Remover Liquid.

Rust is an oxide corrosion formed from iron as a result of oxidation. It can be as small as a pinhead or as large as the metal it forms on. Rust is also heterogeneous, meaning that rust on different surfaces has different appearances due to specific conditions.

Rust is a common problem for metallic surfaces. It can either affect your item’s structural steel or other metallic components such as bolts and copper wires. Some rust can even cause staining to other objects such as clothes, paint and substrate materials.

Left unattended, rust can also create pitting on the metal surface, causing it to penetrate deeper and corrode the entire structure.

The good news is that rust removal solutions like Neutrarust can easily take on the task. Neutrarust gel rust remover or liquid rust remover can simply rid rust from metal surfaces ready for painting without the need of sanding or grinding the surface. This saves you time and effort, especially if you have a large area to work with. All you need is our rust remover liquid solution, and you’re rust free!

Our rust remover gel or liquid is one of the best rust remover in the UK. Its rust removal power can remove all rust, rust stains, or rust spots on any aluminium or steel surface.

Neutrarust® Rust Remover

Neutrarust Rust Remover is a highly effective, fast-acting acid cleaner to remove rust, scale, oxidation and tarnishing on aluminium and steel surfaces before painting or processing. It neutralises rust and leaves a phosphate coating. It will also act as a mild descaler for limescale in boilers and water heaters. It will also remove efflorescence from brickwork and rust stains from painted surfaces and storage tanks.

  • Rapid Action
  • Converts rust surface ready for painting
  • Ideal for immersing objects
  • Easily removes rust oxide, scale & watermarks
  • Safe on most paints, metals, rubber and lacquered alloy wheels
  • Very low odour
  • Contains powerful acid additive
  • Biodegradable at low dilutions – does not contain dye
  • Leaves surfaces clean and protected
  • Coverage: approx 8-9 square metres per litre for liquid rust remover, and 2-3 square metres per litre for gel rust remover

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Rust Remover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rust remover is a quick and very easy to use solution that removes rust and other forms of corrosion from steel, aluminium or metal surfaces prior to painting or processing. It produces a chemical reaction with rust that dissolves it and makes it easier to remove by washing off once applied.

From the name itself, rust removers are formulated to remove rust on steel or aluminium surfaces. Once applied and processed, it leaves the surface with a phosphate coating ready to paint.

A liquid rust remover like Neutrarust Gel & Liquid is easy to use that creates a chemical reaction when applied to rust and converts it to a water-soluble compound making it easy to wash away, leaving a surface ready for painting or processing. It’s generally used by those looking to resurface metal and requires the result to expose rust-free bare metal. It can be used for various applications like vehicles, ships, tanks, oil rigs, refineries, pipework, engine mountings, small part immersion etc.

It takes approximately 20 minutes for Neutrarust rust remover to work on the surface and ready for rinsing with clean water and drying. If required apply second coating to remove stubborn rust or staining. When painting or processing, make sure the surface is free of any residue.

Rust converters and rust removers work differently on rust as converter converts rust to a stable compound primer finish, while the remover causes rust to separate from the metal surface.

On the other hand, rust removal products are used to remove rust or any other form of corrosion from almost any metal object. It is advisable for surfaces with loose rusting to be removed before applying the solution.

Rust removers help speed up the process of removing corrosion from any metal surface. Once applied, Neutrarust Rust Remover Liquid reacts with iron oxide (rust) causing it to separate away from the metal surface. This leaves you with a stable surface ready for priming and painting.

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