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Easy to apply and perfect for automotive applications, ships, ballast tanks, oil rigs, refineries, power stations, boat yards, bridges, pipework,  railways, subframes, chassis protection, engine mountings. In fact, anywhere that corroded ferrous materials can be found. Can be used above and below the water line. A mineral acid-free rust treatment, formulated to neutralise corrosion on ferrous materials and components also acts as a primer. It has been designed to react rapidly on ferrous corrosion, leaving a tough insoluble black acrylic coating, without the use of hazardous mineral acids. Once dry, the coating can be overpainted with a paint suitable for your individual application.

Supplied ready for use.

  • Neutralises the corrosion process
  • Produces a hard, water insoluble hydrophobic film
  • Mineral acid free
  • Minimum surface preparation required
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Cost effective
  • Water based – Classified as non-hazardous
  • Compatible with most paint products
  • Easy to apply

Rust Remover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rust remover is a quick and very easy to use solution that removes rust and other forms of corrosion from steel, aluminium or metal surfaces prior to painting or processing. It produces a chemical reaction with rust that dissolves it and makes it easier to remove by washing off once applied.

From the name itself, rust removers are formulated to remove rust on steel or aluminium surfaces. Once applied and processed, it leaves the surface with a phosphate coating ready to paint.

A liquid rust remover like Neutrarust Gel & Liquid is easy to use that creates a chemical reaction when applied to rust and converts it to a water-soluble compound making it easy to wash away, leaving a surface ready for painting or processing. It’s generally used by those looking to resurface metal and requires the result to expose rust-free bare metal. It can be used for various applications like vehicles, ships, tanks, oil rigs, refineries, pipework, engine mountings, small part immersion etc.

It takes approximately 20 minutes for Neutrarust rust remover to work on the surface and ready for rinsing with clean water and drying. If required apply second coating to remove stubborn rust or staining. When painting or processing, make sure the surface is free of any residue.

Rust converters and rust removers work differently on rust as converter converts rust to a stable compound primer finish, while the remover causes rust to separate from the metal surface.

On the other hand, rust removal products are used to remove rust or any other form of corrosion from almost any metal object. It is advisable for surfaces with loose rusting to be removed before applying the solution.

Rust removers help speed up the process of removing corrosion from any metal surface. Once applied, Neutrarust Rust Remover Liquid reacts with iron oxide (rust) causing it to separate away from the metal surface. This leaves you with a stable surface ready for priming and painting.

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