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Find the right rust treatment productfor your project! If rust takes hold in your metal items, you need a trusty rust remover or rust converter product to get things done efferctively and quickly.

We have three products that help resolve any rust issues: rust converter, rust remover, and rust preventive wax.

Neutraurst 661 Rust Converter uses non hazardous rust-inhibitive ingredients that prevent rust from returning. Our rust converter developed over 40 years ago and still recognised around the world as the best rust treatment for almost any rusted metal project. Fast working rust treatment for professional & domestic uses.

Neutrarust Rust Remover Gel and Liquid does what its name suggests. Aside from removing rust, it can also help with rust stains that have already formed. Our rust remover is a fast-acting acid cleaner that helps you get rid of rust, scale, oxidation and tarnishing on aluminium and steel surfaces.

Our rust preventive wax helps protect the metal from rust issues in the future. It is an industrial quality solvent-deposited water displacing, firm wax film, multi-purpose corrosion preventive solution. Our preventive wax can be used as a replacement for conventional automotive underseals, providing a resilient, self-healing coating with exceptional protection against weather and aggressive environments.

Neutrarust products provide a simple solution for any rust problems! Shop directly through our website or call us for bulk orders.

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