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Excellent product, exceeded all my expectations

Excellent product!

Results are visible within minutes

I had been looking for a good rust treatment for a while and had tried a few over the years with differing levels of success. I wanted something to use on a motorhome which had surface rust on a few places, mainly where steel meets aluminium along the chassis and the brake units. Coming from an ex-military background and as this is MOD and NATO approved I thought I would give it a go. Got to say, it’s easy to apply straight out of the bottle, and the results are visible within minutes.

This product is one of the best you can use to prevent further rust development

I have seen this product for many years in an offshore/marine environment and it works! You get what you pay for applies here.

Good quality product

Used this product on a narrowboat and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Easy to use and perfect results.

Kills rust

An excellent product, it does a great job at killing the rust and makes a good base for paint.

Rust converter

This rust converter is really good you get plenty for your money and it goes a long way

Great product at the right price!

Excellent product!

Great product

This works really well. I can’t believe how effective it is against rust. Quick to dry and really easy to apply. I used this to refurbish old cast iron gutters.

Does what it says

This is quite an amazing product since it does not destroy rust – and therefore rusty metal – but arrests the process and converts the rusty metal to a metallic substance, providing a good base to overpaint with primer or topcoat, which can be applied within a short time. Conversely, if weather intervenes, the treated surface will resist rust for days or weeks before weather permits painting to continue (apparently, it is used on North Sea oil rigs for those reasons). It seems expensive for such small quantities, but a little goes far and a small bottle will cover a wide area or do multiple smaller jobs. It is easy to brush on, and brush cleaning is simple with soapy water.

Rust Converter/Primer

What I wanted at a fair price. Recommended Seller

It does what it says on the….. plastic container

I bought this to use in the refurbishment of a 1958 Massey Ferguson tractor and thought a 5l tub might just last, well I did it all with less than 1 litre. It goes on like very thin emulsion paint and looks like milk when first applied, but then turns a shade of blue before finally returning to its original metallic shade but with a slight appearance of being varnished. Depending on what type of metal it is used on, extra coats, if needed, tend to turn it a darker shade each time. I applied it with a paintbrush and cleaned it with a little soapy water to use again each time. The top tip of the day is to ensure that most surface rust and loose material is removed first, not to perfection, but enough that it doesn’t turn your fingers brown to the touch, but most importantly…. Make sure you degrease the surface or it takes ages to dry and leaves a white chalky stain! A quick wipe over with a GT 85 degreaser worked great for me. Normally it takes about 45 minutes to dry and looks very good. We were going to paint the tractor on top of this but it looks so good that we decided to leave most as it is because it shows off the vintage look of the machine. PS, you can use it over old paint work which protects it and acts as a varnish allowing you to see what’s underneath. That in the right place looks very cool.

A little goes a long way

We used this on our shipping container to take the rust from the door surrounds, it worked instantly and turned the rust areas into a smooth black workable surface, ready for painting. Really good product.

Does what it says on the tin

Excellent result. Make sure you clean and prepare the surface before treatment.


I’ve been using this on my old van, and it seems to do what it claims. It seems expensive but a little goes a long way. I have developed confidence in it in comparison to other anti-rust treatments; so much so that I’m going to stay with it and buy more. In other words, “highly recommended.


So easy to apply, just wire brush off excess surface rust and apply really goes a long way, dries quickly and turns black, I have coated mine after a day with some black chassis paint.
Very pleased, did all 4 corners and still have half a container left.

Best Renovator I have ever used

I will only ever write a review on a product if I think it deserves it. At the time of ordering it, I was replacing the disc pads on my wife’s Nissan Juke RS. As most people are aware the disc hubs always go rusty which makes them look a real mess. I actually painted this product (which looks a little like watered-down PVA glue) onto the hub only, keeping it away from the disc face and the rusted hub turned a mint green within seconds. I went and made a cup of tea, and when I came back to the car 30 minutes later the rusted hub looked like new without a word of a lie. I was seriously impressed so I did the other disc hubs. My wife was so impressed and pleased that as far as I am concerned this product is a winner. I would say though that 250ml is more than enough for most jobs

Brilliant for rust prevention maintenance

After a heavy salting on the roads this winter, my vehicle was rusty underneath.
I jacked it up, took off the wheels, power washed, then a good coat of Neutrarust 661 on everything I could see including exhaust. It turned the rusty surfaces a nice black colour and treated the surfaces well,
A great tidy-up and rust-prevention measure for MOT inspection

Miracle worker

I have just done my motorhome with this product its 18 years old and had a lot of rust i tried to spray it on but gave up after 1 minute I then used a brush along with gloves and goggles 24hrs later it looked like a new van it was very hard work lying on my back and getting into all the grooves but well worth it, I finished it off with lanoguard which I did use the spray provided and it was a doddle.

Best marine anti-rust treatment for steel and iron

I believe that this product was originally developed for the Royal Navy to use on their nuclear submarines. It is excellent too for less exacting jobs such as treating corroded steel, wrought and cast iron objects exposed to the elements.

Easy to use

I bought this to treat some rust on my car and it arrived on time and in a well-packaged box. I followed the instructions on the bottle and applied the product (word of caution here. Do not pour a lot out into a container to use as the product covers really well and you don’t need that much. I found it better to use small amounts at a time as you can’t put it back in the bottle after use). It went on easily and does look like milk with a similar consistency which can be a bit drippy when used above your head. I left it for 12 hours as it says in the instructions before applying another coat. It dries black with a shiny appearance, looks plasticy when dry which is not a negative and the brush and container cleaned up easily with water. I haven’t painted it yet and I can’t comment on the longevity of the product but if it works for the MOD and NATO, my own experience tells me it’s been thoroughly tested which was one of the factors that influenced the purchase.