Neutrarust 661® FAQs

It is classified as non hazardous. Safe for international transportation by air, sea and road. MSDS available upon request.

It is used around the world by many different customers and suitable for use on any rusted ferrous metals, iron or steel object such as ships. drilling rigs, refineries, pipes, car or other vehicles, trailers, fences & gates, iron railings and staircases, sheet metal, cast iron, tanks, lawn mowers, boat, farm equipment, tractors etc.

Stir well before use and transfer a quantity of rust remover into a non metallic container for application. Apply the using a brush, roller or airless spray equipment. Work well into deeply pitted areas using a brush. Ensure all areas of corrosion are covered. Do not pour the unused rust remover back into the original container, as any contamination could degrade the fresh product. Depending on the condition of the surface, up to three coats may be required to ensure complete coverage and conversion of all corrosion present.

Before application, it is important to remove loose scale, flaky rust and dirt. Clean with detergent to remove all minerals and grease. Then rinse with clean water

It should always be applied neat from the container and not thinned with any products such as white spirit, water or methylated spirits. It is recommended that the container is either gently shaken or for larger containers stirred with a paddle mixer before being applied to any rusted surfaces.

This is dependent upon the application method and the condition of the surface. Coverage will be reduced on very rough or pitted surfaces. An application of a wet film thickness of 50-100 micron should cover up to 12 square metres per litre.

It is an excellent base for a wide range of paints finishing systems. It is preferable, but not essential to use a good quality primer before applying topcoats. It will extend the life expectancy of the substrate from adverse weather including rain, salt mist and direct sunlight.

To achieve complete coverage we recommend applying 2 or 3 coats of Neutrarust 661® by brush, spray or roller. Cross brush for best results.

Use detergent water wash and rinse with water or industrial solvents.

Use detergent water wash and rinse with water or industrial solvents.

It is not high heat resistant and should not be used on any surface that will be heated.

Surface temperature at application should be above 5°c and below 40°c.  It is best to avoid applying in direct sunlight when applying.

Once opened shelf life is approx. 12 months. Store in temperatures between 5°C and  40°C. Do not store in sunlight. 

We recommend the wearing of  protective gloves and eye protection.

If swallowed, wash out mouth with water and give water to drink. If in any doubt as to effectiveness of any treatment, obtain medical attention immediately.

The vapours emitted are similar to latex paints and are not harmful. We recommend that you only apply these products in well ventilated areas.

While wet, do not allow to come in contact with foods or fresh water supply.

Yes, please contact us for pricing proposal.

Yes, we are the only authentic producer and the registered trademark owner.