Neutrarust®​ Rust Remover Liquid

A highly effective, fast acting acid cleaner for the removal of rust, scale, oxidation and tarnishing on aluminium and steel surfaces prior to painting or processing. Neutralises rust and leaves a phosphate coating. Will also act as a mild descaler for lime scale in boilers and water heaters. Will also remove efflorescence from brickwork and rust stains from painted surfaces and storage tanks.

Neutrarust®​ Rust Remover Liquid - Application

Rust/Stain removal: Use neat or at up to 1:2 parts water depending upon surface to be treated. Immersion contact time should be 1–3 hours depending on severity of corrosion; this time can be reduced by heating dip tank to 50°C max. May also be applied neat by brush or swab. Contact time should be around 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry. Ensure any further processing within 48 hours.

Alloy wheel cleaning: Predilute up to 1:5 in water and brush or trigger spray liberally all over wheels. Allow a few minutes contact time, then rinse well.

Descaling: Pre-Dilute 1:10 in water and soak part to be descaled, (warm water will be beneficial). Allow up to 1-hour contact time. Repeat if necessary. May also be recirculated.




Available in 1, 5, 25, and 205 litre plastic containers




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