Understanding Rust Prevention in Maritime Industries

Old rusty ship

Corrosion can be a major issue for any industry that works with metal. Rust treatment in the maritime industry is crucial due to the corrosive nature of seawater and the harsh conditions experienced by marine vessels and structures. If left unattended, it can weaken the ship’s construction, raising safety issues and requiring expensive repairs. In […]

Why You Should Treat Rust Before Applying Wax

Rust, the silent adversary of every metal surface can undermine the very foundation of an object’s integrity. Therefore treating rust before applying a rust preventative wax is crucial for several reasons. In this guide, the team at Neutrarust explore those reasons and also cover some helpful hints and tips in the application of a rust […]

Industrial Strength Rust Treatment: Techniques for Commercial Equipment

Rust, also known as corrosion, is a natural process that occurs when any ferrous metal reacts with oxygen and moisture in the environment. The most common form of rust is the reddish-brown iron oxide that forms on iron or steel surfaces exposed to air and water. Rusting is an electrochemical process involving the oxidation of […]

The Best Way to Remove Rust from a Bike Chain and Other Items

Rust is a pervasive and persistent problem that afflicts a wide range of metal items, from household appliances to industrial machinery, and even vehicles. The importance of rust removal cannot be overstated when it comes to ensuring the longevity and performance of metal items. Regular maintenance, including rust removal and prevention, is critical to extending […]

Can I Spray Paint Over Rust?

range of metal spray paints in different colours

Are you tired of rust ruining your favourite metal item? This guide explores whether you can paint right over it.  Many beautiful vehicles and boats, prized possessions and garage toys have been ruined by rust. Rust can wreak havoc on any metal object. It will make items look unsightly due to a coating of yellow-brown […]

Car Restoration: Rust Treatment Products for your Restoration project

man restoring car with rust treatment

Classic and vintage cars have always had problems with corrosion. What was once a thing of beauty easily changes into an old heap of rust – turning heads but for the wrong reasons. Maintenance and restoration of these once-beloved motors don’t have to be overly complicated, however. Whether you have just bought a rusty car […]

Rust Inhibitor for Cars: How to Protect Your Car from Rust Corrosion

closeup of rust on by rear wheel

If you’ve ever come across a rusted car, you will know that it isn’t the most attractive of sights. It could be 15 years old or fresh out of the showroom, but rust will still remain a threat either way. So, how can you protect yourself from this risk? The answer: a rust corrosion inhibitor […]

Best way to remove rust from metal gate

closeup of rust on metal padlocks

Metal gates and fencing are a popular choice for many homeowners and commercial premises. Their sturdiness, durability, and quality make them stand out from their wooden counterparts and they last a lot longer with the right care. There is one common problem that many people face with metal gates, however, and that is rust. Rust […]

How To Clean Rusty Weights: Barbells, Dumbbells And Plates

Old dumbbells

Table of Contents Physically scrape off large bits of rust Use a Gel Rust Remover to remove the rest Prevent your weights and bars from rusting again Buying your own gym weights can be one of the best investments you can make in yourself. The convenience and privacy of being able to exercise without having […]

How to Spruce Up Your Old Garden Shed

Blue garden shed in a suburban backyard.

Table of Contents 1. Take everything out and declutter 2. Clean the insides of the shed 3. Repair anything that is broken 4. Paint your shed 5. Organise and label your equipment / tools Commonly known as the “place to dump things”, your garden shed has probably been neglected for many years now. Old images of when the shed […]